AU 5800 Clinical Chemistry Systems

Beckman Coulter

Continuous Operation and Powerful Throughput for the Laboratory.
The AU5800 helps laboratories gain a competitive advantage with continuous operation, powerful throughput and scalable capacity. Each module can process up to 2,000 tests per hour with a full menu of chemistries, including Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) and Drugs of Abuse assays.

The AU5800 chemistry systems are designed to meet a full spectrum of processing throughputs for various laboratory environments. From high-volume hospitals to ultra high-volume reference laboratories, the AU5800 completes the full performance range offered by the AU family of chemistry analyzers.
  • Multiple configurations, ranging from one to four analyzer unit
  • Each unit can be programmed with a maximum of 54 onboard assays
  • Software can be programmed for a maximum of 120 different assays
  • Choice of single or dual ISE flow cell(s)
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Sample tracking
  • Reagent inventory data by day of week
  • Patient results displayed in “real time”
  • User-defined, customized menu
  • Color alerts to highlight system operating alerts
  • Precision micro sampling
  • High capacity rack trays holding a total of 400 samples to maximize walk-away capability
  • Three lanes to transport racks – including bypass lane with true STAT interrupt capability
  • AU proven reliability with quick and easy 3&60 parts replacement: no more than 3 steps and not longer than 60 seconds
  • Designed for connectivity to laboratory automation

Analytical System

Fully automated, random-access clinical chemistry system with STAT capability

Analytical Principles

Spectrophotometry and potentiometry

Assay Types

Endpoint, rate, fixed point and indirect ISE

Analytical Methods

Colorimetry, turbidimetry, latex agglutination, homogeneous EIA, indirect ISE

Onboard Parameters: 120

Number of Simultaneous Analytes

AU5810 one–unit (including ISE): 57

AU5820 two–unit (including ISE): 111

AU5830 three–unit (including ISE): 120

AU5840 four–unit (including ISE): 120


AU5810 up to 2,000 photometric tests/hr

AU5820 up to 4,000 photometric tests/hr

AU5830 up to 6,000 photometric tests/hr

AU5840 up to 8,000 photometric tests/hr 

ISE (Optional)

Single flow cell: up to 900 tests/hr

Double flow cell: up to 1,800 tests/hr

Sample Types

Serum, plasma, urine and/or other fluids

Sampler Capacity

400 samples (2 x 20 rack set)

10 samples per rack (bar-codes on primary tubes and on racks) STAT loading via emergency rack using STAT port

Sample Tubes

Primary and secondary tubes: inner diameter between 9 and 15 mm height between 55 and 102 mm; Nested micro cups

Sample Volume

1.0 – 17μL in 0.1μL increments