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Iris iQ200ELITE


Model: iQ200ELITE


The Iris iQ200ELITE is designed for medium- to high-volume workload automating up to 70 microscopic samples per hour, producing shortened turnaround times and standardized results. Leveraging Iris’s proprietary Digital Flow Morpohology technology using Auto-Particle Recognition (APR) software virtually eliminates manual microscopy. The iQ200ELITE is available as either a stand-alone system or connected to an iChemVELOCITY urine chemistry system to form an automated iRICELL workcell.   EXTENDED TESTING FEATURES   iWARE Integrated Data Management Software*
  • Onboard user defined rules-based expert system
  • Define and customize decision criteria, flags, or actions to optimize sample handling
iQ200 Body Fluids Module*
  • Eliminate send-out body fluids testing
  • Includes comprehensive menu of eight sample types that include Cerebrospinal fluids, Synovial fluids, and Serous fluids
  • Ease of use without the need to change modes
  • Testing flexibility by running urine and body fluids concurrently without additional maintenance required
  • APR software delivers standardized results for improved accuracy
  • Provides a complete picture of specimen status through multiple parameters for better insight
  • Quality results support better patient management
  • Intelligent software assists in screening negative samples by user defined criteria


  • Onscreen verification of results improves turnaround time
  • Increase walk-away efficiency with the Edit Free Release technology which auto-releases results based on defined parameters set by the user
  • Auto-classifies 12 categories plus an additional 27 particle sub-classification categories to reduce manual reviews and repeat testing
Menu/Test Parameters » Urine Particles: RBC, WBC, WBC Clumps, Squamous Epithelial Cells, Non-Squamous Epithelial Cells, Hyaline Casts, Unclassified Casts, Crystals, Bacteria, Yeast, Sperm, Mucus

» Additional Categories for Sub-classification:

– Unclassified Casts: Granular, Cellular, Waxy, Broad, RBC, WBC, Epithelial Cell, Fatty Casts

– Crystals: Calcium Phosphate, Uric Acid, Calcium Carbonate, Leucine, Cystine, Tyrosine, Amorphous, Calcium Oxalate, Triple Phosphate

– Non-Squamous Epithelial Cells: Renal Epithelial, Transitional Epithelial

– Yeast: Budding Yeast, Yeast with Pseudohyphae

– Others: RBC Clumps, Fat, Oval Fat Bodies, Trichomonas, Dysmorphic RBCs

» Body Fluids*: Cerebrospinal, Pleural, Peritoneal, Peritoneal Dialysate, Peritoneal Lavage, Pericardial, General Serous Fluids, and Synovial Fluids

Measurement Technology Digital Flow Morphology using Auto-Particle Recognition Software
Sample Throughput Up to 70 samples per hour
Sample Identification and Capacity » Auto-ID barcode or keyboard entry of ID

» 10-tube rack system

» 60-specimen walk-away capability with continuous feed for each system as standalone or as iRICELL system

Specimen Volume » Minimum: 2.0 mL of un-spun urine

» Aspiration: Approximately 1.0 mL