Premier Hb9210™

Premier Hb9210™ HbA1c Analyzer
The Premier Choice for HbA1c Testing

Trinity Biotech

Our patented boronate affinity methodology offers you accurate & precise results, virtually free from interference, in a rapid & highly scalable package. Delivering substantial workflow benefits, the platform is ideal for the most demanding laboratory & clinical environments.

Accurate & Precise The consistency of HPLC with the clean separation of boronate affinity gives you repeatable, accurate results every time. The Premier Hb9210™ is certified to report in the following units: • IFCC (mmol HbA1c/mol Hb) • NGSP (% HbA1c)  

The Boronate Affinity Advantage

The Premier Hb9210™ uses patented boronate affinity HPLC to detect all of the glycated Hb species present. The final HbA1c result is determined from a simple peak area fraction, making result interpretation extremely straightforward as there are only two peaks on the chromatogram:

  • one non-glycated (all other hemoglobin types)
  • one glycated (directly correlated to the HbA1c result)

Fast & High Capacity
Sample analysis in just 66 seconds delivers a throughput of 54 tests per hour. Capacity of 210 patient samples gives flexibility & capacity to all medium & high throughput laboratories. Together these allow you to meet compliance targets and free up patient queues in busy clinic areas.
Safe & Easy to Use
Racked tubes & automated aspiration minimizes blood contact & eliminates user preparation.
Continuous display of reagent status ensures sufficient reagents are onboard at all times. Less intervention as a user allows for maximum instrument uptime. Quickly run samples & browse results through a simple touch-screen interface. QC material can be loaded onto the instrument just once per day & the Premier Hb9210™ will automatically analyze & log results at user defined intervals. Remain QA compliant with ease.
Software & Connectivity
Affinity™ software combines operator ease-of-use with advanced data management facilities & LIS integration.
The icon based touch-screen interface enables instant access to instrument operation, options, results & reagent options.
Barcode entry of reagent, QC & sample data eliminates transcription errors and speed of data entry. A full audit trail allows for maximum quality assurance and regulatory compliance.
Operation Intended Use For in vitro diagnostic quantitative determination of hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) in whole blood from venous draw and finger stick. For in vitro diagnostic use only.
Elements of Analysis Quantification of glycated hemoglobins
Principle Patented Boronate Affinity HPLC
Automation Completely Automated
Operation Continuous
Test Time 66 seconds
Sampling Sample capacity 210 samples, with continuous sample loading capabilities
Sample Types Whole blood, hemolysates made from whole blood or packed red blood cells.
Blood can be fresh or thawed from frozen state.
Venous EDTA, Heparin or Sodium Fluoride or Finger Stick
Environmental Dimensions 74cm (H) x 54cm (W) x 66cm (D)
Weight 62kgs