Fully Automated EIA System

The latest generation in immunoassay analyzers: completely open, fully automated, multi-test and multi-batch


What is Triturus®?
  • Triturus® is a completely open and fully automated ELISA analyzer which can perform a variety of different tests on a group of samples and process several batches simultaneously.
What does Triturus® offer?
  • Triturus® offers complete automation of ELISA without changing the laboratory‘s normal workflow routine.
For which laboratories is Triturus® designed?
  • The flexibility of Triturus® ensures maximum performance in laboratories with a complex work load, involving a large number of samples and different groups of tests
Triturus® performs all the steps of any microplate ELISA assay including:
  • Sample dilution
  • Reagent dispensing
  • Washing
  • Reading
  • Calculation of results
Capacity 92 samples per batch

96 predilution tubes per batch

4 plates per batch

8 tests per batch

4 batches simultaneously

Controls + Calibrators/test Up to 14
Reagents 12 independent positions for reagents

8 positions for sample diluents

Automatic calculation of required volumes

Sample identification Positive sample ID with built-in bar code reader
Bar code types Code 39, Industrial 2 of 5, Codebar and Code 128
Batch verification Detectors for the presence of: sample and predilution tubes, calibrator and control vials, disposable tips and number of wells on the plate
Disposable tips 120 disposable tips for samples, controls and calibrators

32 disposable tips for reagents

Pipetting Two probes for sample handling

Two syringes per probe (500mL and 2500mL)

Fixed needle and/or disposable tips

Clot detection and level sensing with both fixed needle and disposable tips