UniCel® DxI 600

UniCel DxI 600 AccessImmunoassay System

Simplified, Automated, Innovative Immunoassay Testing

Beckman Coulter

To provide the Flexibility you want. When it comes to immunoassay testing, mid-volume laboratories have unique challenges requiring exceptional productivity and ease-of-use, plus a broad menu to support a wide range of testing. Laboratories associated with other satellite labs need to deliver patient results that are consistent, no matter where the tests are performed. The UniCel DxI 600 Access Immunoassay System is your solution.  
  • Efficient Reagent System
  Bar-coded, liquid, ready-to-use reagents can be loaded on the system quickly and easily. The system holds 50 reagent packs, giving you the flexibility to configure the system menu to match your testing requirements. Your lab can now load enough reagents to perform your STAT and high volume assays and still have plenty of room for other routine and esoteric tests.  
  • Load multiple reagent packs at a time, without touching the system console.
  • Each assay needs only one reagent pack, no ancillary or secondary reagent packs are needed to perform tests.
  • The refrigerated storage compartment assures reagent stability.
  • System software manages reagent inventory, providing you with Test Name, Lot Number, Expiration Date, Tests Remaining
  • Reagent pack compatibility with other UniCel Access systems simplifies inventory management and reduces waste.
  • Easy-to-use liquid calibrators also reduce process steps improving your operational efficiency.
Technology Dioxetane-based chemiluminescence (Lumi-Phos*)
Detection Systems Chemiluminescent detector: Luminometer
Throughput Up to 200 tests/hr maximum
Compartment Temperatures Incubator and wash/read carousel: 37°C Sample carousel: 4 – 10°C
Reagent compartment 4 – 10°C
Reagent Capacity 50 reagents packs of 50 tests each

System menu can be configured to match laboratory testing patterns (ability to load any combination of assay packs)**

Automatic disposal of empty packs

Immunoassay Menu Capacity > 50 preprogrammed, bar-coded immunoassay methods currently available**
Bar-coded Reagents Automatic tracking of:

Number of tests

Available tests

Expiration date

Lot number

Calibration expiration

Calibration Calibration stability up to 56 days (assay dependent)

Calibration data and parameters displayed on screen and in printouts

Sample Management/Capacity 60 sample tubes (15 racks of four tubes), continuous loading Primary tube released after aliquot is made (≤ 5 min) 300 aliquots (≤ 200 µL) per hour

Capable of automation connection

Bar-code symbologies:

  • Code 39 (Code 3 of 9, or SD-3)
  • Code 128 (USD-6)
  • Interleaved 2 of 5 (USD-1)
  • Codabar (USD-4)
Sample volume 5 – 250 µL (assay dependent)

560 µL in aliquot vessel, maximum (including any potential reflex tests)

Sample and reagent pipettor obstruction detection